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Here you will find lots of extra information about Vino Cotto – how it is made, its history, recipes and our newsletters.

Just a quick note on our flavours:

For a savoury dish, we recommend you use :-
Vino Cotto Original (ideal for all dishes),
Vino Cotto Fig (cheese risotto, quail, duck, pizza, fish, cheese platter, salads)
Vino Cotto Apple (pork, rocket salads)

For a sweet dish, we recommend you use: –
Vino Cotto Original (ideal for all dishes, including baking biscuits, sweet breads),
Vino Cotto Fig (ricotta desserts, desserts with soaked dried figs or fresh fruit, ice-creams, sorbet),
Vino Cotto Apple (ice-creams, panna cotta, cakes, fruit desserts)
Vino Cotto Quince (baked fruit tarts, ice-creams, puddings, fruit desserts)

We would love for you to share with us your favorite recipe or ideas on using Vino Cotto.  Or perhaps you’ve dined at a restaurant where Vino Cotto was used in a dish and would like for us to find you that recipe. Let us know by sending an email to Angela at info@vinocotto.com.au.

We hope that you find our Blog informative and we trust you enjoy using our wonderful Vino Cotto products.



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