Types of Vino Cotto

1.Vino Cotto Original Made with 100% pure grape juice. 2.Quince  Vino Cotto and Quince Vino Cotto Glaze Made with 100% pure grape juice and infused with fresh quince fruit to enrich the flavour of this syrup.  The quinces are picked off the trees grown in Ballarat, Victoria, during the month … Read more

The History of Vincotto

The history of Vino Cotto (which translates to “cooked wine”) dates back to the Roman times and has since been a safe guarded Italian tradition.    History suggests that the Romans made Vino Cotto to preserve their wine, many years later the Southern Italians discovered it’s sweet properties and began adding … Read more

Making Vino cotto

The delicious and captivating flavour of Vino Cotto is the result of slowly cooking the grape ‘must’  (juice of pressed grape) of late harvest premium dark grapes,  before fermentation begins.  The grape’ must’   is cooked over a low flame for over  15 hours, during which time it reduces to a … Read more

What is Vino Cotto or Vincotto ?

Vino Cotto is relatively new to Australia (even though it has been used for centuries in Italy) and is starting to appear on menus at fine dining restaurants and on shelves of gourmet food stores. Richly flavoured with hints of spices and dark berries, this high quality product is reserved … Read more